Boxer – Back to Glam

Wedding Lingerie – Boxer Back to Glam / Elise Martimort

Attention, the pictures displayed correspond to boxers only…

The Boxers and Thongs Back to Glam are seamless and invisible under a trousers or a dress.

The microfiber used is an indemailable mesh cut «sharp edge» and not cut «with laser» to avoid any «rolled» effect under the fine and delicate dresses which makes them invisible products and very pleasant to wear : a real happiness !

They can also be placed discreetly inside the panty Back to Glam, a sculpting and innovative flat stomach sheath that allows to «sheath and smooth» the stomach, buttocks and thighs while retaining the benefit of a large bare back (the sheaths that “control” the belly often protrude in the back neckline…).

One of the fundamental values of the creator was to make Back to Glam a brand for all women.

Back to Glam is the solution to all your problems :

suitable for all morphologies, if you want a large size lingerie, you did well to get closer to this brand.

You can opt for a set of wedding lingerie (big bare back bra, sheath, boxer, thong etc) or even for a unique product.

Available in the Showroom from size 34 to 46, they fulfill this promise of invisibility.
Then feel free to come and try them !

 25,00 TTC

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