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Made in a tights mesh that sheaths without compressing, it is the secret ally that draws you a perfect silhouette while remaining ultra comfortable.

Sculpting and innovative flat belly sheath that allows to «sheath and smooth» the belly, buttocks and thighs while retaining the benefit of a large bare back

Its V-belt in the back allows you to wear it under a naked plunging back. Our Magic Panty is provided inside with passers-by allowing to attach our bra Back to Glam directly in, ensuring you a vertiginous back neckline, a support and an unequalled comfort under your wedding dress bare back.

Tried and adopted by our Expert dealers !

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One of the fundamental values of the creator was to make Back to Glam a brand for all women.

Back to Glam is the solution to all your problems :

suitable for all morphologies, if you want a large size lingerie, you did well to get closer to this brand.

You can opt for a set of wedding lingerie (big bare back bra, sheath, boxer, thong etc) or even for a unique product.

Available in the Showroom from size 34 to 46, they fulfill this promise of invisibility.
Then feel free to come and try them !

 85,00 TTC

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Flat belly sheath Back to Glam

The BACK TO GLAM panty is “sculpting” and innovative, it allows to “sheath and smooth” the belly, buttocks and thighs while retaining the benefit of a large bare back (sheaths that “control” the belly often protrude into the back neckline…).

It is totally invisible even under the finest dresses.

This product has been developed with a specialist manufacturer of compression tights.

The developed belt is absolutely unique on the market to ensure an ultra plunging back cleavage.

It is also possible to attach the straps of the bra Back to Glam in the panty to create a new depth of back neckline in height and width.

The secret inside panty :

It is possible to lower the straps even further and to attach them in the panty with the help of the small “fasteners” sewn inside the product

Note : he puts on like a compression tights (I warn you it’s a bit «sporty» … but otherwise it wouldn’t be contention and he wouldn’t do the job” 😊)


When fitting, you must be careful. It is therefore advisable to :

  • Wear it well like a tights that is to say make sure to position it gradually on the thighs.
  • Place it well at the crotch and then place it above the abdomen.
  • Do not try to pull the pants directly above the belly at the beginning of the threading or risk of cracking them (like a classic pantyhose after all).

The panty is very pleasant to wear once you are technically «installed in» !


TAILLE 2 3 4 5 6
PANTY SCULPTANT 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54-56
MESURES GRANDES HANCHES 95>105 CM 105>115 CM 115>125CM 125>135 CM 135>145 CM



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Delivery in 3 working days to a relay point or directly to your home … just enough time for us to prepare the shipment and put all our good vibes in it so that the package arrives on time.

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