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Flat belly sheath Back To Glam – Eshop Elise Martimort

Made in a tights mesh that sheaths without compressing, it is the secret ally that draws you a perfect silhouette while remaining ultra comfortable.

Sculpting and innovative flat belly sheath that allows to «sheath and smooth» the belly, buttocks and thighs while retaining the benefit of a large bare back

Its V-belt in the back allows you to wear it under a naked plunging back. Our Magic Panty is provided inside with passers-by allowing to attach our bra Back to Glam directly in, ensuring you a vertiginous back neckline, a support and an unequalled comfort under your wedding dress bare back.

Tried and adopted by our Expert dealers !

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One of the fundamental values of the creator was to make Back to Glam a brand for all women.

Back to Glam is the solution to all your problems :

suitable for all morphologies, if you want a large size lingerie, you did well to get closer to this brand.

You can opt for a set of wedding lingerie (big bare back bra, sheath, boxer, thong etc) or even for a unique product.

Available in the Showroom from size 34 to 46, they fulfill this promise of invisibility.
Then feel free to come and try them !

 85,00 TTC

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