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Lingerie and wedding accessories Back to Glam, eshop Elise Martimort

Because we know that everything must be perfect on D-Day, Back to Glam has developed its accessories so that your Back to Glam bra will live up to your expectations.

The half moons push up allow to give a beautiful pronounced roundness to small breasts.

The natural half moons bring a beautiful curve with generous breasts avoiding the yawning of the hull.

Each bra is sold with transparent straps and nude satin straps.
Flexible and comfortable, they are always invisible.

One of the fundamental values of the creator was to make Back to Glam a brand for all women.

Back to Glam is the solution to all your problems :

suitable for all morphologies, if you want a large size lingerie, you did well to get closer to this brand.

You can opt for a set of wedding lingerie (big bare back bra, sheath, boxer, thong etc) or even for a unique product.

Available in the Showroom from size 34 to 46, they fulfill this promise of invisibility.
Then feel free to come and try them !

 10,00 TTC

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