Bare back Bra – Back to Glam

Back to Glam is the first brand of lingerie wedding bra bare back to the real maintenance of cup A to F, tested and approved since 2016 by many customers.

The BACK TO GLAM bare back dress bra is an absolutely unique invention on the market. This product is much more efficient than «self-adhesive shells» or «sewn shells in dresses» which are not strictly speaking bras. The designer did not use any “adhesive” in the design of the BACK TO GLAM.   This bra, once placed correctly on the body, will not move.

Patented product, the bra Back to Glam, the Original was born from the experience of its founder who wanted to adapt to brides and their needs. The aim of this invention was to allow them to wear the dress of their dreams on D-Day while being perfectly maintained even for the large bare back bra.

The bra naked back Back to Glam allows multiple positions of neckline of back depending on the cut of your dresses while remaining perfectly invisible.

You can put and adapt the product according to your desires and therefore put it around the neck for example if you wish.

The back to glam bra is sold with a set of transparent straps as well as a set of nude satin straps.

To perfect your cleavage birth, we offer you magical «cookies» that sublimate the cleavage very naturally.

Our little secret H allows him to wear dresses with American armholes that reveal the shoulders or even dresses with crossed backs

(accessories sold separately).

 115,00 TTC

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