Unique Piece - The Manufacturing Steps

A unique dress for a special women.

Step 1 / The Draft

After trying on the wedding dresses from the collection to a better understanding of the desires and expectations of her client, the designer shares a gourmet break with her.

Around a tea or coffee ; with broken sticks, the discussion begins. Elise then presents many materials, silks, cottons, Calais lace, from thick guipures to fine Chantilly lace …

Finally, she realised a sketch of the dress according to the desires (unique creation, mix & match…) but also according to the morphology, history and personality of each woman.

” A wedding dress is not a disguise, you have to feel comfortable and more importantly identify with it .”


Step 2 / The Test

Because it is not easy to project into a drawing, the designer sets an appointment under 15 days for the first fitting. It is at this stage a cotton canvas prototype of the dress. This step allows you to confirm your choice but also to adjust the model perfectly to the body and make all the necessary changes while refining the selections of materials.

Three prototype fitting appointments, each spaced of one month are necessary to get the perfect dress. The sketch being only the basis of the project, the dress can quite evolve during the appointments.

At the third fitting, the choice of fabrics is finally decided ; volumes, lengths, finishes … Everything is validated and the team moves on the next step, that of making the dress ! The Workshop then went into production. Patterning, material cutting, assembling, the dress takes shape !

Step 3 / The Moment

Then, comes the long-awaited discovery of the dress. Again, two fittings are programmed to make sure the garment goes well. Further changes are always possible. Weight loss, unplanned pregnancy or any other bodily modification is then taken into account. In this case, the adjustment will be made at the last minute.

” The perfect dress is an accumulation of small details, of cutout, of finishes and long hours of work.”

Step 4 / The Dress

Finally comes the last fitting, that of delivery. The witnesses are then invited to go into the cabin to discover the dress and dress the bride as a final rehearsal in conditions. The designer takes the time to guide the companions so that everything is perfect and reassuring for the big day.

A question ?

Question Where are Elise Martimort wedding dresses made ?

All our dresses are made in our Bordeaux workshop and then finished in our Parisian workshop for Paris dresses. 

Question Where do the fabrics used come from ?

We are committed to minimising the carbon impact and making the most of French know-how. This is why we have carefully selected high quality materials of French and Italian origin. The lace come from Calais-Caudry, the silks from Lyon, the embroidered tulles and tulles as well as the cotton lining from Italy.

Question Where can I find Elise Martimort wedding dresses ?

You can find Elise Martimort wedding dresses on our e-shop and as well at our resellers in Toulouse and Nîmes.

Ma Robe : 27 rue Bouquières - 31000 TOULOUSE

05 61 75 06 59 - contact.ma.robe@gmail.com


L'Appartement des Mariés : 7 Avenue Jean Jaurès - 30900 NÎMES

07 67 61 60 88 - lappartementdesmariees@gmail.com

Question What is the price for an Elise Martimort wedding dress ?

For a custom-made wedding dress from the collection, start at 1200 €. Count between 2800€ and 6000€ for a long dress. The average price found for long wedding dresses is 3300€.

The Couture capsule is composed of unique and custom-made wedding dresses embroidered by hand with prices ranging from 7000€ to 14,000€.

For a custom-made one-piece long wedding dress, count from 8500€. A participation of 500€ for the appointment with the designer will be asked and deducted from the price of the dress as soon as it is signed.

Question When and How should I make an appointment ?

Appointments are made either via the form on this page, or by phone, messenger, Facebook or Instagram. Appointments should be made as early as possible, ideally to 10 to 12 months before the wedding date for a one-piece dress, 8 months in advance for a dress from the collection, 2 to 4 months before for a children's dress.

However, the number of dresses is limited per season because we prefer quality first so you have to think about reserving your place as soon as possible. Plan to wait for Saturdays, which are in high demand.

Do we have to pay appointments ?

Appointments are free of charge and without obligation to purchase. However, the appointment for the creation of a single, custom-made piece, longer and involving the presence of the designer are paid and deductible from the price of the dress.

Question How many people can accompany me during my different fittings ?

There is no limit, but it is recommended not to come in too many numbers, especially at the beginning of the project. Indeed, the desires of both parties tend to interfere with the real desires of the person concerned. Remember to surround yourself with people who know you the best.

Question Can I take pictures during my fitting ?

During your fittings, you have the right to take as many photos/videos as you wish. We can help and advise you during your fittings and if necessary do it for you.

Question What should I plan for my fittings ?

At first, nothing at all, we have shoes and special backless bra of our partner Back to Glam at the showrooms. 

Then, you will have to search for your shoes to define the exact length of the dress. Elise will tell you when it will be important to have your shoes and your D-day lingerie for the right appointment. Plan also a light make up for fittings so as not to damage the dress.

Question How long is the first appointment ?

The first appointment lasts about an hour and a half, sometimes longer if necessary. There is no chain or timed meeting here ! 

Question Are the wedding dresses presented on the site and at the Showrooms modifiable ?

Of course, everything is possible, everything is imaginable. The dresses in the collection are either realisable to your measurements as presented or editable according to your desires. You can also consider a "mix and match" or customization of existing pieces, the top of the first with the bottom of the second in the material of the third ...

Then, take inspiration from existing models to guide your desires and create a totally unique piece.

Question Why choose to appeal a custom wedding dress designer ?

To ensure a 100% homemade and Made In France. For the exceptional quality of all-natural fabrics. So I don't have the same dress as my girlfriend who gets married a month apart. To have a unique and/or tailor-made creation, truly adapted to my morphology and personality. To take advantage of the address book of Elise and her Team and their valuable advice to prepare the big day. To be pampered like a princess on every date !

Finally, take inspiration from existing models to guide your desires and create a totally unique piece.

Question Will I have a single contact during the whole fitting period ?

You will only have to deal with Elise for any one-piece custom-made dress. Depending on our schedules, Perrine in Paris or Elise in Bordeaux will take care of you. Elise is never far away and she is very regularly present to accompany you on this beautiful adventure. There will never be another interlocutor for you appointments than the one who initiated the project with you. The designer or her collaborators will welcome you and follow the development of your dress from the beginning to the end of the process.

Finally, take inspiration from existing models to guide your desires and create a totally unique piece.

Question How many fittings am I going to have in all ?

Once the project is validated, we will set a number of appointments for the year together. For a dress in the collection, count three fittings after the measurement. For a single piece, two or three canvas fittings and two fabric fittings before the last fitting on delivery, or five or six fittings after the measurement. Depending on the project, the number of fittings may be higher.

Finally, take inspiration from existing models to guide your desires and create a totally unique piece.

Question How is the realization of my custom-made wedding dress going ?

The whole process of making your dress will be carried out in our Bordeaux workshop adjoining to the Showroom. You will be able to come and see your "precious" evolve before your eyes if you feel like it. The production techniques are artisanal and manual. The designer herself, with the help of her collaborators, make the dresses, with an absolute concern for perfection. The embroideries are handmade in Paris by Perrine.

Question What are the different steps for the realization of my custom wedding dress ?

In order to best meet your expectations and desires, different creative steps are staggered throughout the year.

If it is a piece from the collection, Elise and her team will create a unique pattern for your wedding dress based on your measurements and any modifications made to the model and then make the dress without the lining. this first fitting allows you to adjust and touch up your dress as needed and determine the length according to your shoes. Then the dress returns to the Atelier to be reworked before a second fitting to check its fit, the plumb and to put the lining on it. Finally, the finishes and closures are mounted before the last fitting in order to follow the evolution of your morphology if necessary.

If it is a one-off wedding dress creation, the process will take longer. First, the designer will make a prototype of your cotton canvas dress from your sketch and your measurements. You will be able to see the volumes, cuts and falls of your dress, modify them and adjust them as closely as possible. This step also allows you to refine the selection of fabrics and lace. In all, two to three prototypes will be offered for testing, each one month away. This period of time also allows you to mature your project and modify it if necessary. Then your dress is made of fabrics and Elise makes you try it on whithout finishing touches, once again, modify or improve it according to your desires.

The third fabric fitting, the last common step whatever formula is chosen, is the final fitting. It takes place in the company of people who will dress you on D-Day to familiarize them with the putting and closing techniques, like a final rehearsal in condition !

Question I'm pregnant, I have a baby plan, I want to go on an important diet ... Is it compatible with making a custom dress ?

On contrary ! The interest of the customized is precisely to accompany you until the last minute ! Once the project has been validated together, Elise will offer you to stagger your fittings according to your schedule and you can have the dress "closed" at the very last moment. Please note, however, that these types of projects need to be dealt with at the last minute to reserve your place in advance because the number of places is very limited.

Question Are there any other benefits I can take advantage of ?

Indeed, Elise puts her Showrooms at your complete disposal during each of your appointments. For example, during the penultimate fitting of the dress, you can bring in your beauty providers. Thus, you will have a very precise idea of the final rendering while benefiting from the expert advice of the professionals present.

Tired of running around looking for the perfect shoes, hair accessories and jewelry to match ? Elise has selected for you the cream of the crop of designers and offers you her selection of accessories LIZERON, shoes of RACHEL SIMPSON and CORALIE MASSON or the special backless BACK TO GLAM. You can also invite your photographer to attend a fitting as well as the creation of the dress behind the scenes, for incredible memories photos. And why not organize your EVJF during a fitting around a glass of champagne ?

Finally, the big day has arrived ! Elise offers you to privatized the Showroom so that your preparations can take place on site and so you can dress yourself (only between March and August).

Question How are the regulations going ?

Once again, we adapt to each. You can choose to pay in one time or in ten if this is more flexible for your purse. A 30% down payment is required at upon signing the contract, then we decide together what suits you best.