Wedding House Paris

255 rue Saint Honoré


Since September 2018, Elise Martimort welcomed her brides in her new Wedding House in the heart of Paris, at the 255 rue Saint Honoré. Parisian from origin it was really important for her to come back to Paris with her brand.

She wants to offer to Parisians bride another vision of her brand.

And that the reason why this Wedding House receive three other designers, Lizeron, No Smoking Collection and Back To Glam. The Bride has everything to her disposal  and be the most beautiful for her D-day ! For your fitting it’s Perrine who welcomes you and be with you throughout of your adventure !


The  +  de Paris :


During your fitting you can also schedule an appointment with the other designer to have an idea of your total look ! More than, it is the designers themselves who advice you !

You can try our Capsule Couture wedding dress only in Paris.

createur creatrice robe de mariee sur mesure paris

Crédit Photo : T&G studio

How prepare my fitting ?

Step 1 : Schedule an appointment !

For each fitting of wedding dresses, you must have to take an appointment. You can contact us by phone call, Facebook messenger or by our contact form. Think about it early, because we need between 10 & 12 months before the wedding for a one off, 6 to 8 months for a dress of the collection and between 2 and 4 months for a child dress.

Think to schedule an appointment with the other designer. For exemple in one afternoon, you can book Back To Glam first, then Elise Martimort and finished with Lizeron to enhance your look !

Step 3 : Things to take for the first fitting.

Nothing! We have everything at the showroom. Bras specials backless – Back To Glam – Rachel Simpson wedding shoes and head jewels. Plan a light make-up to not damage your dress during the fitting.

For next fitting, you must have to found your own underwear and shoes to adjust the dress precisely.

Step 2 : Choose your entourage.

You can come with as many people as you want. But be careful to come with not too much people, chooses ones who really know you and who not influence your choice, your ideas and your wish.

Step 4 : The time to provide for fitting.

Count between 1h and 1h30, therefor, if you need more time we will take it of course! We don’t have timer in the hand!


Elise want to create a spacial space dedicated to brides. At the Wedding House they have everything they need for they d-day. All designers in the Wedding House create a special link with her customers. Elise wants to carry on this tradition with the precious choice of the other designers. For that, she choses her favorite brand and personality designers.

Lizeron : The pair of designers, Julie & Sidonie, offer head bride jewels. They have established their workshop in the Wedding House. Their unique style give real pleasure to our promises. Thanks to her gold hand, they can customized your jewels or create a one off made specially for you

Lizeron bijoux de tete mariee mariage fait main made in France

Back To Glam soutien gorge dos nu robe de mariee elise Martimort

Back To Glam : After have won Bordelaise customers’s heart, Élise choses to present the wonderful Back To Glam to the Parisians Brides. We have adopting this special backless bra and we will never get rid of it! It fit perfectly with Élise wedding dresses and it has a real support. During your fitting Élise will adjust it to your shape. This bra is the perfect excuse to get your backless dress out again!

The advantage: It fit with all shapes and go from A to G bra cup! This Bris is available in black and nude. You may have no reasons to not succumb to this product!

No Smoking Collection : You want to break with formal wedding rules ? Say yes in a suit or in a tuxedo ! For the town hall, the ceremony ou for all days, the designer made bespoke suit and tuxedo according to your wish. You can also customized them with a back in lace for exemple and make it match with the Back To Glam special backless bra! They can do everything !

Smoking tailleurs femme mariage sur mesure no smoking collection maison de mariee paris

Chaussures Rachel Simpson chaussure mariage

Rachel Simpson : Rachel Simpson is a British brand which celebrate is 10 Birthday. We love it’s retro and vintage unique style. All the shoes are so comfortable et our bride love them! Discover their collection and try all the shoes that you need without an appointment.

Coralie Masson : This shoes designer is here with a collaboration with Elise Martimort. Together, they have imagined specials bride gold shoes. Glitter, strass and brightness describe perfectly these wonderful shoes! But this is a limited collection, so you must have to book your pair!

chaussure de mariée Coralie Masson elise Martimort collaboration chaussures glitter