Bridal House Bordeaux

16 rue Buhan, Bordeaux

Since 2020, the couture house Elise Martimort specialized in custom wedding dresses and civil dresses welcomes you to its new address at 16 rue Buhan, 33 000 Bordeaux, in the heart of the Saint Pierre district. A House on four floors entirely dedicated to the wedding and arts and crafts.

On the main floor, you will find a concept-store entirely dedicated to the world of weddings and ceremonies bringing together some thirty artisan designers. It is on the second floor, in the workshop, that our little hands are busy making the wedding dress of your dreams. Finally, on the last floor, a place of sharing and living reserved for professionnals of events and weddings as well as the Cocon, an intimate alcove for your appointments with your providers.

The designer receives you on appointment in the showroom where she has imagined a warm and friendly setting to make your fitting a moment of sharing and emotions dedicated to the bride to be but also to those who are with her.

A veritable place of sharing and love which never stop to involve with years, collections, and brides to be.

The + of the Bridal House in Bordeaux :

The double fitting room and our workshop, located on the upper floor, will allow you to follow the work of our little hands. An authentic and unique bond is created then between the bride-to-be and our collaborators during the realization of her wedding dress. The presence of Elise and the entire tissue library allow you to exclusively imagine a single piece or easily personalize your wedding dress.

showroom robe de mariée

How to prepare your wedding dress fitting appointment ?

Step 1 : Schedule a fitting appointment !

For each fitting of wedding dresses, it is essential to take an appointment. You can contact us by Phone, Messenger, Instagram or via our contact form. Remember to make your appointments as soon as possible.

We need between 10 & 12 months before the wedding for a unique piece, 6 to 8 months for a dress of the collection and between 2 and 4 months for a custom-made civil dress or children’s ceremonial dress .

For dresses and suits of the civil collection they are available as ready-to-wear at the concept-store without an appointment.

Step 2 : Things to take with you for the first fitting

Absolutely nothing ! We have everything you need in the showroom, veil, accessories, bras specials backless from our partner Back To Glam, as well as a wide selection of Rachel Simpson and Coralie Masson shoes and Lizeron head jewellery for a complete idea of your D-day look ! We will ask you to provide light make-up to not damage the dresses during fittings.

For the next fitting, it will be essential to find your underwear and shoes in order to adjust the dress precisely.

Step 3 : Choose your entourage

You can come with as many people as you like, however we advise you not to come in too many. Choose people who know you best and who won’t interfere with your choices, ideas and desires.

Step 4 : The time to provide for fitting

Count around 1h30 for a first fitting, however, if you need more time we will take it. With Elise Martimort, appointments are not timed !


The creators present at the Bordeaux Showroom

For some years now, we have made the choice, with the demand of our consumers, to propose many accessories for the bride to be and her bride tribe. Here is an overview of our selection of designers present at the Bordeaux Showroom.

Coralie Masson : It is through a collaboration with Elise Martimort that the bridal shoes designer from Bordeaux is present at the showroom and in the concept-store. With four hands, they have redesigned the Satanas and Joly shoes especially for the brides of Elise ! All dressed in glitter, they bring light to your outfit for the D-day ! But be careful, these wedding shoes are in limited collection. Remember to book your pair to make sure you have it for your big day !

chaussure de mariée Coralie Masson elise Martimort collaboration chaussures glitter

Rachel Simpson : Rachel Simpson is a British brand which celebrate its 13th Birthday that we love for its retro and vintage style. Highly identified wedding and ceremony, the shoes are very comfortable and have capsized the heart of more than one of our brides ! You can come to discover and try our selection of shoes and handbags at the concept-store without appointment !

Chaussures Rachel Simpson chaussure mariage

Les Majestés : Les Majestés is a French jewels creator based in Biarritz. She draws her inspiration in her region and Art New style. The creator thinks, draws and creates all her jewels by herself !

Les Majestes couronne de fleur biarritz accessoire de mariee showroom bordeaux Elise Martimort

Aur Atelier : That’s the pretty name of our gilding workshop in Bordeaux. This card making help is to develop our paper projects. Recently, our greeting cards and thank you cards made on a unique floral paper have been created. Their work is based on a knowledge doing rare that gets lost to the impression of mass as we know it today. So, it was important for us to share their art with you.

ex-anima faire part carte de voeux mariage collaboration elise Martimort

Lizeron : Lizeron offers a selection of head wedding jewels. Made by hand in her Parisian workshop, they work with the technique of balled flowers as well as cold porcelain flowers for the realization of her jewellery. A unique style that will delight our brides ! You can come and try the entire collection with or without appointment or visit our e-shop to order the model of your choice !

Lizeron bijoux de tete mariee mariage fait main made in France

Back To Glam : We have adopting this special backless bra and we will never get rid of it ! It fit perfectly with most of Élise wedding dresses and assures you off the support. During your fittings, we will adjust it so that you only have to put it on the D-day ! An additional opportunity to get your backless dress out again ! 

The advantage : It fit with all shapes and go from the F cup to some G cups and allows a real support of the chest ! You may have no reasons to not succumb to this product !

Back To Glam soutien gorge dos nu robe de mariee elise Martimort