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Showroom Paris

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h30 to 18h30

Schedule an appointment at the showroom : 07 67 57 73 25


255 rue Saint Honoré – 75001 Paris

Métro 1 ; 8 ; 12  arrêt Concorde ou Madeleine / Parking Indigo Vendôme


Showroom-atelier Bordeaux

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h30 to 18h30

Schedule an appointment at the showroom : 06 50 01 68 52


14 rue Huguerie – 33000 Bordeaux (Quartier Tourny)

Tram B et C arrêt Quinconces / Parking Tourny – Parking Gambetta



    A Question?

    Where are made Elise Martimort’s wedding dresses?

    All our wedding dresses are made in our workshop in Bordeaux of the street Huguerie.

    Where come from the used fabric?

    Our dresses are made with silk from Lyon and laces from Calais and Chantilly. Silk tulles also come from France, instead of nylon tulles, of superior quality, wich come from Italy. Our dresses are all made from fabrics 100 % natures of the best qualities. All the linings are 100% cotton, assuring you a maximum of comfort and quality

    Where can I find the Elise Martimort’s Wedding dresses?

    Our wedding dresses are available in our showrooms in Bordeaux – 14 rue Huguerie – and Paris – 255 rue Saint Honoré 75001 -. We also have distributor in Toulouse – Ma Robe –  and in Marseille – Iconic Wedding Dress -. You can also find your civil dress on our e-shop and be deliver in France and International.

    How much is an Elise Martimort wedding dress?

    For a collection wedding dress, it is starting from 1200 €  for a short dress and 2800 € for a long dress. The middle price range for a long dress is 3500 €.

    For a one off the price starting from 8500 €.

    When and how can I take an appointment?

    You can take an appointment by call, by our form contact or by social media (Facebook or Instagram). You must take your appointment the most earlier as possible. Ideally, from 8 to 10 month before the wedding date.

    However we are limited the number of dress each years because we want to preserve our quality commitment. Think to book your appointment the most earlier as possible.

    How many people can comes for my fitting? 

    There is no restriction but we recommend to not be too much in particular art the beginning of the project. choose the people who know really you. The desire of each other can interfere in your own choices.

    Can i take picture during my fitting? 

    Yes, as much as you want. Elise highly recommend to take some short videos.

    What do I need for my fitting?

    For the first time, nothing, we have everything, shoes, special backless bra… For the next time you may have to find your own wedding shoes and your lingerie. We absolutely need them to finish the dress. But don’t worry, Elise will say you hen it’s the good time to have your shoes and your lingerie. Think up to have a light make up in order not to damage the dresses.

    How long is the first appointment?

    The first appointment going on one hour and half and more if we need it.

    Do the dresses are modifiables?

    Or course ! Everything is possible. All collection dresses are modifiable and tailor made. You also can choose the Mix & Match option : the top of the first with the bottom of the second and the fabric of the third…  Finally you can be inspired from the collection dresses to create your one-off.

    Why do I must choose a designer?

    To insure a 100 % artisanal confection made in France. For the high quality of our fabrics and natural. To not have the same dress than my friends who getting married one month before. To have a unique and bespoke creation, designed for myself, according my morphology et personality. To have Elise’s precious advice and known the best service providers for my wedding. And to be pamper like a princess each time I come to her showroom !

    Do I have only one interlocuteur during my fitting period?

    At the showroom in Bordeaux, you may have only two interlocuteur, Elise, the designer for the most of the time and Alice when Elise is in Paris. In Paris you will meet Perrine for the most of your fitting and Elise maybe some week-end. But you will never have someone else.

    How many fitting do I will have?

    Once the project validated, we will fixed 3 fittings for the year after we take measurement. This is the minimum for a collection dress. For a one-off  there is three fitting with the prototype and three fitting with the real fabric, so you will have six appointment. According to the project you may have more appointements. 

    What are the different steps of the creation of my wedding dress?

    For answer the best to your wishes, some steps are stagger on the year.

    If it is a collection piece. Elise will create a unique pattern of your dress from your measurement and may the modifications. Then she will create the dress without the lining. This first fitting allow to alter the dress and determined the size of the hem with your wedding shoes. The dress come back in our workshop before the next fitting. Here we see if everything is good. The last step is to put the lining and doing the finitions. The closing mechanism is put at the end to follow the evolution of your morphology. 

    If it is the création of a one-off a the process is more longer. In a first time, the designer will create a prototype of your dress in cotton from the esquisse and your measurements. With those steps you can choose volumes, cuts and the fall. Here you can also choose  the fabrics, lace and embroideries. You have three fitting with the prototypes each appointments every month. This time laps enable you to make some modifications at needs. Then, our seamstress create your dress with the real fabric and you will have three other appointment, the first without finitions and the second with adjustment. 

    For the last fitting, whatever the option choosing, you need to come with the people who will dress up you for the d-day. Elise will show her how put the dress on you and the different technical steps. Like a dress rehearsal!

    How take place the confection of my dress?

    The process of confection is made in our workshop in Bordeaux adjoining the showroom. You can follow the evolution of your dress each time you come. Most of our work is made by hand with a particular attention to details and perfection.

    I am pregnant ; I have an important diet project… Does it match with the creation of a bespoke wedding dress?

    Yes of course ! Once the project approuve together, we will fix your appointments like that we can finish the dress at the last minute. In this way your dress will fit perfectly with your body.

    Do there is other benefits that I can have?

    Indeed, Elise let her showrooms at your disposal for each appointements. For exemple, for the last fitting you can ask to your beauty providers to come. Here you will have a better idea of your final look with the advices of professionals. You even can call a photographer to immortalise this moment.

    It’s the D-day, You can privatise the showroom, Elise will dress you and you will be ready to say YES. 

    How can we do for the payment?

    One more time, we adapt our political according to you. You can choose to pay your dress in one or ten times if it’s mors easier for you. We only ask a deposit of 30 % the day of the signature.